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How do I know if the “NTP” is working or not

Well, there is a easy way to check it. It needs 4 steps to do, see following: STEP 1 (Test the current server): Try issuing the following command: $ ntpq -pn remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter =================================================== 16 u – 64 0 0.000 0.000 4000.00 The above is an

How many ways can I install linux

How many ways can I install linux? Linux Installation Choices, the different choices of installation media, physical vs. network installs, were compared and contrasted. the installation methods can be categorizes into 4 major categories: Method 1:: Clean: installation that does not write to current OS storage media Method 2:: Dual-boot: peaceful co-existence with current OS

How to replace same text in multiple files in linux

If you have text you want to replace in multiple locations, how to replace same text with new text you want? Well, to do this, there are several ways. To replace the text Windows with Linux in all files in current directory called test[something] you can run the following commands: perl -i -pe 's/Windows/Linux/;' test* To

How to use the command of “rrdrestore” under linux

      rrdrestore – Restore the contents of an RRD from its XML dump format rrdtool restore filename.xml filename.rrd [--range-check|-r] DESCRIPTION The restore function reads the XML representation of an RRD and converts it to the native RRD format. filename.xml The name of the XML file you want to restore. filename.rrd The name of

Who is Linus and History of Linux in life

What is Linux and who is Linus? Linux is an operating system that was initially created as a hobby by a young student, Linus Torvalds, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Linus had an interest in Minix, a small UNIX system, and decided to develop a system that exceeded the Minix standards. He began

Linux how to change password?

How to change the password under linux? The most common ways of the command line looks as following: passwd   Change your own password. passwd sleepy   Change sleepy’s password. passwd -d sleepy   Delete sleepy’s password. When these commands to change your password, you need to enter your old password and new passwords. The new password should be at least six characters

How to find the biggest files under linux system

How to find the biggest files under linux system? You may think why we need this function, if you have a limit space and need to free some space for your new documents you will find this is really useful. Because when you have a number of files, you will not know what files should be deleted

How to learn Linux and who is fit to learn a linux administration course

How to design your linux courses? IT professionals who are new to Linux and require core Linux skills. Focused on administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace, engage students in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skill transfer and retention. In addition, to build on the students’ existing

How to generate a random password under linux

Well, there are really many ways to generate a random password under linux. For any of these random password commands, you can either modify them to output a different password length, or you can just use the first x characters of the generated password if you don’t want such a long password. Hopefully you’re using

Four ways to see the size of files in linux

Four ways to see the size of files in linux Method 1 : Stat command Stat filepath [root@2bin ~]# stat /root File: /root Size: 4096 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 directory Device: 803h/2051d Inode: 3276801 Links: 28 Access: (0550/dr-xr-x---) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root) Access: 2018-06-21 07:14:08.034063581 +0800 Modify: 2018-06-21 07:01:50.852064326 +0800 Change: