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How to Handle the Screen in C Builder

Last Updated on September 6, 2018 By hcyaobin

How to Handle the Screen in C Builder?

A global variable of type TScreen called Screen is created when you create a project. Screen encapsulates the state of the screen on which your application is running. Common tasks performed by Screen include specifying:

  1. The size of the window in which your application is running.
  2. A list of fonts available to the screen device.
  3. The look of the cursor.
  4. Multiple screen behavior (Windows only).

If your Windows application runs on multiple monitors, Screen maintains a list of monitors and their dimensions so that you can effectively manage the layout of your user interface.

If using CLX for cross-platform programming, the default behavior is that applications create a screen component based on information about the current screen device and assign it to Screen.

The look of the cursor include different shap of cursor such as normal, hand, point, arrow, “I” shap and so on. A different cursor could have different meaning in an application.

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