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How to work with multimedia–add video or audio in your CBuilder or Delphi program

How to work with multimedia in CBuilder or Delphi? C++Builder and Delphi allows you to add multimedia components to your Windows (not CLX or Linux) applications. To do this, you can use either the TAnimate component on the Win32 page or the TMediaPlayer component on the System page of the Component palette. Use the animate component

Using Panels and Date-time Pickers to Design Useful Windows Interface

How to use Panels in C Builder or Delphi? The TPanel component provides a generic container for other controls. Panels are typically used to visually group components together on a form. Panels can be aligned with the form to maintain the same relative position when the form is resized. The BorderWidth property determines the width,

How to Use Various of Buttons and Similar Controls in C Builder or Delphi

Aside from menus, buttons provide the most common way to invoke a command in an application. C++Builder offers several button-like controls: Use this component: To do this: TButton Present command choices on buttons with text TBitBtn Present command choices on buttons with text and glyphs TSpeedButton Create grouped toolbar buttons TCheckBox Present on/off options TRadioButton

How to use a splitter component in C Builder or Delphi

A splitter (TSplitter) placed between aligned controls allows users to resize the controls. Used with components like panels and group boxes, splitters let you divide a form into several panes with multiple controls on each pane. After placing a panel or other control on a form, add a splitter with the same alignment as the

How to Use TTreeview and TListView in C Builder and Delphi

How to use Tree view? A tree view (TTreeView) displays items in an indented outline. The control provides buttons that allow nodes to be expanded and collapsed. You can include icons with items’ text labels and display different icons to indicate whether a node is expanded or collapsed. You can also include graphics, such as

How to Use the Grouping Controls to Group your Components in C Builder or Delphi

A graphical user interface is easier to use when related controls and information are presented in groups. C++Builder and Delphi provides several components for grouping components: Use this component: When you want this: TGroupBox A standard group box with a title TRadioGroup A simple group of radio buttons TPanel A more visually flexible group of

How to Use Tab Controls and Page Controls and Header Controls in C Builder or Delphi

The tab controls and page controls are both the useful controls we often use in the standard windows applications’ development. Master these controls will give you a high level of user interface design. How to use Tab controls? The tab control component (TTabControl) creates a set of tabs that look like notebook dividers. You can create

How to Use Hint and Help in C Builder or Delphi

How to use Help and hint properties in C Builder or Delphi? The Hint property contains the text string that appears when the user moves the mouse pointer over a control or menu item. To enable hints, set ShowHint to true; setting ParentShowHint to true causes the control’s ShowHint property to have the same value

How to Use the Graphic Controls to Include Graphics in Your CBuilder or Delphi Applications

How to use the graphic controls in CBuilder or Delphi? How many graphic controls does CBuilder or Delphi supply? The following components make it easy to incorporate graphics into an application. Use this component: To display: TImage Graphics files TShape Geometric shapes TBevel 3-D lines and frames TPaintBox Graphics drawn by your program at runtime