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What is the Actions for Toolbars and Menus in C Builder

C++Builder provides several features that simplify the work of creating, customizing, and maintaining menus and toolbars. These features allow you to organize lists of actions that users of your application can initiate by pressing a button on a toolbar, choosing a command on a menu, or pointing and clicking on an icon. Often a set

Basic Knowledge for Graphics Programming in CBuilder or Delphi

First step to learn graphics programs–How to refresh the screen? At certain times, the operating system determines that objects onscreen need to refresh their appearance, so it generates WM_PAINT messages on Windows, which the VCL routes to OnPaint events. (If you are using CLX for cross-platform development, a paint event is generated, which CLX routes

What is the Predefined Action Classes and Predefined Action Classes List in C Builder

What is the Predefined Action Classes and Predefined Action Classes Lists in C Builder? You can add predefined actions to your application by right-clicking on the Action Manager and choosing New Standard Action. The New Standard Action Classes dialog box is displayed listing the predefined action classes and the associated standard actions. These are actions

Follow Me to Use the Brushes of a Canvas to Draw Better Graphics in CBuilder

What’s the brush and how to use the brushes? The Brush property of a canvas controls the way you fill areas, including the interior of shapes. Filling an area with a brush is a way of changing a large number of adjacent pixels in a specified way. The brush has three properties you can manipulate:

How to Build Menus in Delphi or C Builder

How to build menus? You add a menu component to your form, or forms, for every menu you want to include in your application. You can build each menu structure entirely from scratch, or you can start from one of the predesigned menu templates. For more information about menu templates, see Using menu templates. For

How to Edit Menu Items and Use the Menu Designer context Menu?

How to edit menu items in the Object Inspector? This section has discussed how to set several properties for menu items–for example, the Name and Caption properties–by using the Menu Designer. The section has also described how to set menu item properties, such as the ShortCut property, directly in the Object Inspector, just as you

Use Toolbars and Cool Bars to Design Standard Windows User Interface

How to design toolbars and cool bars? A toolbar is a panel, usually across the top of a form (under the menu bar), that holds buttons and other controls. A cool bar (also called a rebar) is a kind of toolbar that displays controls on movable, resizable bands. If you have multiple panels aligned to

How to make a ‘rubber banding’ effect to the Graphics in CBuilder

How to make a ‘rubber banding‘ effect in CBuilder? This example describes the details of implementing the ‘Rubber banding‘ effect in an graphics application that tracks mouse movements as the user draws a graphic at runtime. The example code in this section is taken from a sample application located in the Examples\Doc\GraphEx directory. The application