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How to Adding Graphics to Controls in C++Builder

Several controls let you customize the way the control is rendered. These include list boxes, combo boxes, menus, headers, tab controls, list views, status bars, tree views, and toolbars. Instead of using the standard method of drawing a control or its items, the control’s owner (generally, the form) draws them at runtime. The most common

Specify Default Project, Main Form and Use the Help System Interfaces in C Builder

Specifying a default project, new form, and main form By default, when you choose File|New|Application or File|New|Form, C++Builder displays a blank form. You can change this behavior by reconfiguring the Repository: Choose Tools|Repository. If you want to specify a default project, select the Projects page and choose an item under Objects. Then select the New

How to Implement IExtendedHelpViewer and IHelpSelector in C Builder

Implementing IExtendedHelpViewer ICustomHelpViewer only provides direct support for keyword-based Help. Some Help systems (especially WinHelp) work by associating numbers (known as context IDs) with keywords in a fashion which is internal to the Help system and therefore not visible to the application. Such systems require that the application support context-based Help in which the application

How to Use the Object Repository to Share Items in C++Builder Projects

Using the Object Repository The Object Repository (Tools|Repository) makes it easy share forms, dialog boxes, frames, and data modules. It also provides templates for new projects and wizards that guide the user through the creation of forms and projects. The repository is maintained in BCB.DRO (by default in the BIN directory), a text file that

How to Use the Project Templates in C Builder

Using project templates Templates are predesigned projects that you can use as starting points for your own work. To create a new project from a template: Choose File|New|Other to display the New Items dialog box. Choose the Projects tab. Select the project template you want and choose OK. In the Select Directory dialog, specify a

How to Display the Keyword-based Help and Tables of Contents in C Builder

Displaying keyword-based Help Help requests typically come through to the Help viewer as either keyword-based Help, in which case the viewer is asked to provide help based upon a particular string, or as context-based Help, in which case the viewer is asked to provide help based upon a particular numeric identifier. CLX: Numeric help contexts are

How to Register the Help Selectors and Help viewers in C Builder

For the Help Manager to communicate with them, objects that implement ICustomHelpViewer, IExtendedHelpViewer, ISpecialWinHelpViewer, and IHelpSelector must register with the Help Manager. To register Help system objects with the Help Manager, you need to: Register the Help Selector. Register the Help viewer. Registering Help selectors The unit that contains the object implementation must use either

How to Use Help in CLX Applications in C Builder

Using Help in a CLX Application The following sections explain how to use Help within a CLX application. How TApplication processes CLX Help How CLX controls process Help Calling a Help system directly Using IHelpSystem How TApplication processes CLX Help TApplication in CLX provides two methods that are accessible from application code: ContextHelp, which invokes

How to Handle the Screen in C Builder

How to Handle the Screen in C Builder? A global variable of type TScreen called Screen is created when you create a project. Screen encapsulates the state of the screen on which your application is running. Common tasks performed by Screen include specifying: The size of the window in which your application is running. A