Q: How to Make My Computer to Shutdown at a Specified Time?

A: To shutdown the computer in a specified time, from your "Start" menu, click "Run", then enter "Shutdown.exe -s -t 3600" in the text line and press "Enter" key. This means to shutdown the computer automatically after 60 minutes, "3600" means the time, it was calculated in seconds.

After set up an automatic shutdown operation, if you want to cancel, you can use the same method mentioned above to enter "shutdown -a" in the "Run"...

Operating system - Windows

Q: My computer can not enter the standby mode now, each time an error message raise: “The service Microsoft.NET Framework v1.1.4322 Update is preventing the maching from entereing hibernation.Try stopping this service and try again.” I would like to know what would cause this problem? How to stop the service? And what would the system affected if I stopped the service? Thanks!

A: This is an online update service, when the update service runs, it need the CPU, memory and network...

Operating system - Windows

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