Operating system Windows Is there any advance in using New Technology File System(NTFS) drives?

Is there any advance in using New Technology File System(NTFS) drives?

With Microsoft Windows, the most effective way to back up your computer is to copy your files to an external hard drive using Windows Backup.

Before you back up your computer for the first time, you'll want to be sure your external hard drive is formatted with the New Technology File System (NTFS).

There are two ways to enable NTFS on your external hard drive: you can format it or convert it. If you have not yet copied any files on your external drive, you should format it with NTFS.

Formatting is preferable to converting because it will make the drive run faster, among other benefits. Formatting a hard drive permanently removes all files, so you should not format the drive if you have saved anything on it (without making a copy of the files first). If you don't want to overwrite the data, you should convert the drive to NTFS instead.

Note: File systems define how your computer writes (or saves) files to a hard drive. Windows XP supports two file systems for external drives: FAT32 and NTFS. External hard drives typically come formatted with the FAT32 file system because it is compatible with earlier versions of Windows.

However, the NTFS file system is superior to the FAT32 file system in many ways. Most importantly, NTFS can support files larger than 4 GB in size, which provides plenty of room for your backups.

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