Operating system Windows How to speed up the menu display in Windows XP?

How to speed up the menu display in Windows XP?

As a computer operator, you may have noticed that in Microsoft Windows XP the submenu items in a menu group will have a delay when you click the parent munu. Also in the main menus the settings allows menu to fade into view when you open them. This visual effect is so smooth that you may never have noticed it; of course, this is under a condition that you do not have anything emergent to handle.

However, the effect does cause menus to take a little longer to appear, if you have a good feeling. And on a fast computer, this shouldn't be an issue. But on a computer that isn’t responding as quickly as you'd like, you can make menus display faster.

To speed up menu display, you can do the following steps:


Click Start. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

My Computer shortcut menu with Properties selected


Click the Advanced tab. In the Performance area, click Settings.

System Properties dialog box Advanced tab with Settings button selected


On the Visual Effects tab in the Performance Options dialog box, clear the Fade or slide menus into view check box.

Visual Effects tab in Performance Options dialog box with Fade or slide menus into view selected


Click OK.


In the System Properties dialog box, click OK.

Advanced tab in System Properties dialog box with OK selected

Now when you click a menu, it will appear almost instantly. If your computer is a little slow, try it once. Good luck!

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