Operating system Windows How to set Windows so all the folders display in a same view?

How to set Windows so all the folders display in a same view?

Each folder in My Computer or My Documents can have its own view. That’s useful for folders like My Music or My Pictures, because you can look at your digital photos in Thumbnails or Filmstrip view, and see your song titles in Tiles view. But changing the view for every folder can be time-consuming. Yeah, it is really time-consuming, you have to click the button on the toolbar, or right-click the mouse and select view->thumbnails, etc.

While if you prefer to have all your folder contents displayed in a particular way, you can save yourself some time by changing the view for all the folders on your computer at once.

To set your windows so all folders have the same view setps:


Click Start, and then click My Documents.

Start menu with My Documents selected


Click the Views button, and then click the view you want to apply to all folders.

Note: For more information about views, read Specify how folders open.

My Documents window with Views menu displayed


Click Tools, and then click Folder Options.

Tools menu with Folder Options selected


Click the View tab, and then click Apply to All Folders.

View tab in Folder Options window


Click Yes.

Folder views dialog box


Click OK.

View tab in Folder Options window with OK button selected

The next time you open a folder, it will be displayed using the view you chose. To restore your original folder settings, repeat steps 1-3. Then, in step 4, click Reset All Folders.

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