Operating system Windows How to make a screen saver by using specify photos in Windows XP?

How to make a screen saver by using a specify photos in Windows XP?

If you want to use your photos to make a screen saver, to set up your screen saver to display a slide show of all the pictures is an option in Microsoft Windows XP.

To set up a My Pictures slide show, flowing the steps listed below:


Right-click on the desktop, and then click Properties.

Desktop shortcut menu with Properties selected


In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Screen Saver tab. Then, click the Screen saver list, and click My Pictures Slideshow.

Screen Saver tab in Display Properties dialog box with My Pictures Slideshow selected


Click OK.

Screen Saver tab in Display Properties dialog box with OK button selected

Now, when your screen saver starts, you’ll see a slide show of all the pictures in your My Pictures folder. If you want to see your pictures right away, follow these instructions to add a shortcut to your desktop that immediately starts the slide show.

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