Operating System Windows 10 Useful Tips on Windows XP

These are 10 useful Windows XP tips by the computer experts. Hope it could help you much.

1. Reinstall Windows XP without re-activation.
If you need to reinstall Windows XP, usually you need to re-activate it. In fact, if you can backup the Wpa.dbl file under the Windows\System32 directory at the first time, you would need not to activate it by covering this file with the backup file.

2. How do I know whether my Windows XP has been activated?
From the "start" menu, "start" > "run", type "oobe/msoobe/a" in the pops up dialog box, then press carriage return. The system will pop-up a window to tell you whether the system has been activated.

3. Close the zip folder function.
Do you think that the zip folder feature in Windows XP is too slow and has nothing new to attract you? Okay, let me tell you how to close the function. From the start menu, "start" > "run", type "regsvr32/u zipfldr.dll" in the box, then press carriage return. It would close the ZIP folder function now.

4. Shut down, restart Windows XP within only 1 second!
If you want to shut down Windows XP quickly, you can press CTRL+ALT+DEL(press the "Ctrl", "Alt" and "Delete" at one time), and then in the pop-up Task Manager, click "Turn Off" > "Shut down", then click "OK", at the same time, please hold down the "Ctrl" key, you would find that in less than 1 second the system has been shut down. Similarly, if you select the "Restart" option, the system could quickly restart.

5. Changes the background color of the login screen.
Open the Registry Editor(From the start menu, "Start" > "Run", type "regedit" in the box, then press "Enter" key, the "Registry Editor" would run). locate to [HKEY-USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors], set the value of the "Background" to "000" (without the quotes), the login background will becomes black. You can change it to other color also.

6. Completely uninstall Windows XP.
After the installation of Windows XP, if you do not like it and want to change it to your previous system such as Windows 98 or Windows Me. Oh, god save me, it seems you are too rich man. While you can do that like this:

use the Windows 98 installation CD to boot to the DOS state and then type: "format -ur". This will remove all the XP files and allow you to re-install Windows 98/Me.

Note: Before reinstall a new operating system, you must back up all the files of your own well under the non-system drivers.

7. System failure on starting up.
If the system can not correctly start up or you did not want to save some configurations you current make, you can restart the system, then hold down the F8 key, until a menu appear, choose the "Last Known Good Configuration(your most recent settings that worked)" to restore the system changes.

8. To restore the previous driver for the hardware.
After new hardware installed, if you found the system unstable or hardware does not work, choose "the driver to resume" in the "Device Manager", you can revert to a previous normal system state. But note, this can not restore the printer driver.

9. Automatic log in
Click the start menu, "Start" > "Run", enter "rundll32netplwiz.dll, UsersRunDll"(without the quotes), In the card "User Accounts", cancel the "Users must enter a user name and passWord to use this computer" option, click "OK", then in the pop-up dialog box, type the username and password you want it used to automatically log in.

10. Shortcut to quick shutdown or restart(Timing is available)
Right click the desktop, choose "New" > "Shortcut", type "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 10" in the text command line in the pops up wizard. In this command, "-s" means "shut down", it can be changed to "-r", means "restart", "-t 10" means a 10 seconds of timing, you could change it as needed. After the complete making of this shortcut, follow the hints to assign an icon to it.

This of shutdown or restart will prompt a nice dialog to shutdown or restart. You can also append a line "-c "I will turn off now""(do not input the outer quotes) to the command line mention above, this phrases will appears when shut down. Of course, you are free to write the text in the inner quote, but note that the length of the text can not exceed 127 characters.

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