Databases Sql Server SQLDMO has not been registered, please re-run SQL Server setup and contact your system administrator

When I running the Microsoft sql server enterprise manager, it raise an error of "SQLDMO has not been registered, please re-run SQL Server setup and  contact  your system administrator." What is the problem. My sql server has already been installed and it runs very well until today.

To solve this problem is an easy way. That is, at the Command prompt, run this command line: regsvr32 sqldmo.dll. Well, notice that if the command can not be successfully executed, then you might have to switch to the folder (use command 'cd') where the dll file lives.

Note: SQLDMO.dll was released along with the SQL Server2000. SQLDMO.dll is a COM object. SQLDMO is an SQL Distributed Management Objects, also an SQL Distributed Management Objects. It package the database objects of Microsoft SQL Server 2000. SQL-DMO support an Automation or COM-language applications to manage all parts of the SQL Server installation. SQL-DMO is the application programming interface(API) used by SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Therefore, using an SQL-DMO application can perform all the functions that SQL Server Enterprise Manager could perform.

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