Tags:Action BandsC BuilderWhat is an action in C Builder?

As you are developing your application, you can create a set of actions that you can use on various UI elements. You can organize them into categories that can be dropped onto a menu as a set (for example, Cut, Copy, and Paste) or one at a time (for example, Tools|Customize).

An action corresponds to one or more elements of the user interface, such as menu commands or toolbar buttons. Actions serve two functions: (1) they represent...

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Tags:C BuilderMenuToolbarWhat is actions and how to organize actions for toolbars and menus in C Builder?

C++Builder provides several features that simplify the work of creating, customizing, and maintaining menus and toolbars. These features allow you to organize lists of actions that users of your application can initiate by pressing a button on a toolbar, choosing a command on a menu, or pointing and clicking on an icon.

Often a set of actions is used in more than one user interface...

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Tags:C BuilderDeveloping dialog boxes

The dialog box components on the Dialogs page of the Component palette make various dialog boxes available to your applications. These dialog boxes provide applications with a familiar, consistent interface that enables the user to perform common file operations such as opening, saving, and printing files. Dialog boxes display and/or obtain data.

Each dialog box opens when its Execute method is called. Execute returns a Boolean value: if the user chooses...

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Tags:C BuilderHow to work with frames in C Builder

A frame (TFrame), like a form, is a container for other components. It uses the same ownership mechanism as forms for automatic instantiation and destruction of the components on it, and the same parent-child relationships for synchronization of component properties.

In some ways, however, a frame is more like a customized component than a form. Frames can be saved on the Component palette for easy reuse, and they can be nested within forms...

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Tags:C BuilderComponentsObject RepositoryHow to reuse components and groups of components in C Builder

C++Builder offers several ways to save and reuse work you're done with components: Component templates provide a simple, quick way of configuring and saving groups of components. You can save forms, data modules, and projects in the Repository. This gives you a central database of reusable elements and lets you use form inheritance to propagate changes. You can save frames on the...

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Tags:C BuilderModeless FormsHow to retrieve datas from forms?

Most real-world applications consist of several forms. Often, information needs to be passed between these forms. Information can be passed to a form by means of parameters to the receiving form's constructor, or by assigning values to the form's properties. The way you get information from a form depends on whether the form is modal or modeless. Retrieving datas from the modeless forms in C Builder. Retrieving datas from the...

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Tags:C BuilderHow to pass additional arguments to forms in C Builder?

Typically, you create forms for your application from within the IDE. When created this way, the forms have a constructor that takes one argument, Owner, which is a pointer to the owner of the form being created. (The owner is the calling application object or form object.) Owner can be NULL.

To pass additional arguments to a form, create a separate constructor and instantiate the form using the new operator. The example...

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Tags:C BuilderGetbodyGetinnerhtmlGetouterhtmlGettagnameTcppwebbrowserHow to get the html content from TCppWebBrowser in C Builder?From

Here I supply two methods, if you just want to get the html content of body tag, you could use the following codes. If you want to run this program, just create a new project, put a CppWebBrowser, a Memo and 3 buttons onto the form, then assign the codes to the button's handler. You could get all the project source codes here:

Get Html Source in...

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Tags:C BuilderDeleteModeless FormsShowmodalCreating modeless forms such as windows

You must guarantee that reference variables for modeless forms exist for as long as the form is in use. This means that these variables should have global scope. In most cases, you use the global reference variable that was created when you made the form (the variable name that matches the name property of the form). If your application requires additional instances of the form, declare separate global variables...

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