Tags:C BuilderHow to Import resource files from other applications?

How to import resource files built by other applications? Many of the resources file are built by other develop tools such as VC++ or VB. These resources file are in one uniform format, name .rc file, this is a standard windows file. So, you could easily to import these files to C Builder from other applications.

C++Builder supports use of menus built with other applications, so long as they are in the standard Windows...

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Tags:C BuilderMenuMenu ItemsHow to change the current menu of a component? To specify the active menu: Menu property

The Menu property specifies the active menu for the form. Menu-merging operations apply only to the active menu. If the form contains more than one menu component, you can change the active menu at runtime by setting the Menu property in code. For example,

Form1->Menu = SecondMenu;

See an example to dynamic change the active menu and popupmenu for a form:

int i = 0;

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Tags:C BuilderDelphiMenuMenu ItemsHow to manipulate menu items at runtime?

Sometimes you want to add menu items to an existing menu structure while the application is running, to provide more information or options to the user. You can insert a menu item by using the menu item's Add or Insert method, or you can alternately hide and show the items in a menu by changing their Visible property. The Visible property determines whether the menu item is displayed in the menu. To dim a menu item...

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Tags:C BuilderEvent HandlersMenu ItemsMenu TemplatesMenusHow to switch between menus at design time?

If you're designing several menus for your form, you can use the Menu Designer context menu or the Object Inspector to easily select and move among them.
To use the context menu to switch between menus in a form, Right-click in the Menu Designer and choose Select Menu.
The Select Menu dialog box appears.
This dialog box lists all the menus associated with the form whose menu is...

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Tags:C BuilderDelphiMenuMenu TemplatesHow to use menu templates?

C++Builder or Delphi provides several predesigned menus, or menu templates, that contain frequently used commands. You can use these menus in your applications without modifying them (except to write code), or you can use them as a starting point, customizing them as you would a menu you originally designed yourself. Menu templates do not contain any event handler code.

The menu templates shipped with C++Builder are stored in...

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Tags:C BuilderContextDelphiMenuMenu DesignerMenu ItemsHow to edit menu items in the Object Inspector?

This section has discussed how to set several properties for menu items--for example, the Name and Caption properties--by using the Menu Designer.
The section has also described how to set menu item properties, such as the ShortCut property, directly in the Object Inspector, just as you would for any component selected in the form.

When you edit a menu item by using the Menu Designer, its...

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Tags:C BuilderDelphiMenuMenu ItemsHow to create submenus?

Many application menus contain drop-down lists that appear next to a menu item to provide additional, related commands. Such lists are indicated by an arrow to the right of the menu item. C++Builder supports as many levels of such submenus as you want to build into your menu.

Organizing your menu structure this way can save vertical screen space. However, for optimal design purposes you probably want to use no more than two or three...

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Tags:C BuilderDelphiMenusHow to build menus?

You add a menu component to your form, or forms, for every menu you want to include in your application. You can build each menu structure entirely from scratch, or you can start from one of the predesigned menu templates.
For more information about menu templates, see Using menu templates.
For more information about creating a menu using the menu designer see Naming menus Naming the menu items Adding, inserting, and deleting menu items...

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Tags:C BuilderMenu DesignerHow to create and manage menus?

Menus provide an easy way for your users to execute logically grouped commands. The Menu Designer enables you to easily add a menu--either predesigned or custom tailored--to your form. You add a menu component to the form, open the Menu Designer, and type menu items directly into the Menu Designer window. You can add or delete menu items, or drag and drop them to rearrange them during design time.

You don't even need to run your...

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