Streams are classes that let you read and write data. They provide a common interface for reading and writing to different media such as memory, strings, sockets, and BLOB fields in databases. There are several stream classes, which all descend from TStream. Each stream class is specific to one media type. For example, TMemoryStream reads from or writes to a memory image, TFileStream reads from or writes to a file.
The following topics describe the methods common to all...

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The base VCL and CLX in Delphi means the base classes which are invisible. Some of these are very important, you will always meet them and use them when you programming in the future.

There are a number of units that are common to both the VCL and CLX that provide the underlying support for both component libraries. Collectively, these units are called BaseCLX. BaseCLX does not include any of the components that appear on the component...

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The TControl Branch.

The TControl branch consists of components that descend from TControl but not TWinControl (TWidgetControl in CLX). Objects in this branch are controls that are visual objects that the application user can see and manipulate at runtime. All controls have properties, methods, and events in common that relate to how the control looks, such as its position, the cursor associated with the control's window (or widget in CLX), methods to paint...

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When you build a project, you may get an linking error message similar to above. When get this message, you first to check if your SUIPACK_BCB.LIB have been properly installed. If it did not, reinstall it in the correct position, then the problem would be solved.

Sometimes you did not use this "XXX.LIB" at all, while you still get such an linking error message, why? Now, search the "XXX.LIB" (in this article it was SUIPACK_BCB.LIB) that was included in your unit, then...

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The TObject Branch

The TObject branch includes all VCL and CLX objects that descend from TObject but not from TPersistent. Much of the powerful capability of VCL and CLX objects are established by the methods that TObject introduces. TObject encapsulates the fundamental behavior common to all objects in the VCL and CLX by introducing methods that provide: The ability to respond when objects are created or destroyed. Class type and instance information on an...

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The following diagram is a greatly simplified view of the inheritance hierarchy that illustrates the relationship between objects, components, and controls.

Objects, components, and controls

Every object inherits from TObject, and many objects inherit from TComponent. Controls inherit from TControl and have the ability to display themselves at runtime. A control like TCheckBox inherits all the functionality of TObject, TComponent
, and TControl...

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Before the programming with Delphi or C++Builder, you may have heart the big name VCL and CLX. Yes, this is the key for you to understand in Delphi or C++Builder. Ok, now let us to see what they are.

What is the VCL or CLX? Understanding the class libraries in Delphi and C++Builder.

VCL and CLX are class libraries made up of objects that you use when developing applications. The libraries are similar to each other and contain many of the same objects. Some objects in...

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If you want to program with Delphi/C++Builder, you must be familiar with its Integrated development environment. Well, this is an article introducing its environment.

When you start Delphi/C++Builder, you are immediately placed within the integrated development environment, also called the IDE. This IDE provides all the tools you need to design, develop, test, debug, and deploy applications, allowing rapid prototyping and a shorter development time.

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