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Getting the error "Access Violation at address XXXXXX in module coreide60.bpl" when start up Delphi or C++Builder.


The exact cause for this is not currently known. It seems to happen sometimes with a new installation of Delphi on Windows XP.
Possible solutions:

   Reset the user registry settings by running the utility D6RegClean.exe which is located in the Delphi bin directory.

   Reinstall Delphi, running the...

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 When we using the message box prompt in Delphi or C++Builder, we will write a code line something like:

if ((Application->MessageBox("Are you sure to delete this datas?", "confirm!", MB_ICONINFORMATION|MB_YESNO)) == ID_YES)
    do the delete code here...
    do the do not delete action here...

So, this is the message box symbols and with their meanings you would use in Delphi or C++Builder. Following list the TMsgDlgBtn, TMsgDlgButtons type in...

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Tags:PhpWhat will I do before install the PHP?

First, you need to sure that your server supports PHP. Then, to create some .php files in your web directory, and the server will parse them for you. Because it is free, most web hosts offer PHP support.

Well, if your server does not support PHP, you must install PHP. Here is a link to a good tutorial from on how to install PHP5:

Here are some resources of PHP you need to get:Download...

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TIdHTTP.ResponseText Specifies the text for a response received from a HTTP server.

property ResponseText: string;

TIdHTTP.ResponseCode Specifies the response code received from a HTTP server.

property ResponseCode: Integer;


ResponseText is a read-only String property that specifies the textual message for a response received from a HTTP server. ResponseText normally contains one of the following values messages for the associated ResponseCode:

 200 - OK
 201 -...

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Tags:CbuilderHow to wait for other threads in multi-threaded applications?

If your thread must wait for another thread to finish some task, you can tell your thread to temporarily suspend execution. You can either Wait for another thread to completely finish executing, or Wait for a task to be completed.

To wait for another thread to finish executing, use the WaitFor method of that other thread. WaitFor doesn't return until the other thread terminates, either by finishing its own...

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Tags:CbuilderHow to avoid simultaneous access?

To avoid clashing with other threads when accessing global objects or variables, you may need to block the execution of other threads until your thread code has finished an operation. Be careful not to block other execution threads unnecessarily. Doing so can cause performance to degrade seriously and negate most of the advantages of using multiple threads.

The VCL and CLX include support for three techniques that prevent other threads from...

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How to use the main VCL/CLX thread?

The Execute method is your thread function. You can think of it as a program that is launched by your application, except that it shares the same process space. Writing the thread function is a little trickier than writing a separate program because you must make sure that you don't overwrite memory that is used by other threads in your application. On the other hand, because the thread shares the same process space with other threads, you can use the...

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Tags:CbuilderTthreadHow to Initialize the thread?

Use the constructor to initialize your new thread class. This is where you can assign a default priority for your thread and indicate whether it should be freed automatically when it finishes executing.How to assign a default priority?

Priority indicates how much preference the thread gets when the operating system schedules CPU time among all the threads in your application. Use a high priority thread to handle time critical tasks, and a low...

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Tags:CbuilderHow to write multi-threaded applications in C++Builder?

C++Builder provides several objects that make writing multi-threaded applications easier. Multi-threaded applications are applications that include several simultaneous paths of execution. While using multiple threads requires careful thought, it can enhance your programs by: Avoiding bottlenecks. With only one thread, a program must stop all execution when waiting for slow processes such as accessing files on disk...

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