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In Windows XP, have you met a case that a hidden file can not be opened? Here I would tell you the some ways of solutions by editing the Windows Registry. Before any operation to the registry, be sure to backup it before you begin.

1. Using some registry repairing software to repair.

2. Copy the following codes into the notepad, save the text as a reg file, then double-click the file and import it into Windows Registry.

Note: Be sure to back up the whole...

Operating system - Windows

Tags:Hkey_local_machineRemove Desktop IconsWindows Xp

If you want to remove the desktop, of course, we mean to remove the system default icons such as "My Computer", "My Documents", "My Network Places" and Internet Explorer icons. This article show you how to remove and restore these desktop icons in different Windows system.

Remove Desktop or Restore Desktop In Windows XP:

  1. Click "Start" > "Control Panel".

  2. Double click "Display", select the "Desktop" tab, then click "Customize...

Operating system - Windows

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1. Before saving the web page, press the "ESC" key would accelerate the process of saving.

2. Press the "Enter" key would send the message in MSN. If you just want to wrap, you could hold down the "Shift" or "Ctrl" key when press "Enter".

3. You can debug a short HTML code in the browser's address bar. As follows: type "about:Hi Pagehello, my simple html page", then press the "Enter" key, you would see the result.

4. Windows Shortcut Keys:

  "Alt + F4": Close the current...

Operating system - Windows

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In Windows Vista, it is very easy to remove the desktop icons. If you do not like to have any icons on the desktop, you can simply right click on the desktop, select the "View" > "Show Desktop icon" and click it, so that you can remove or restore the desktop icons. While if you do not mind the icon on the desktop but just the "Recycle Bin". Ok, here I would give you a way to remove the single desktop icon, let me take the example of...

Operating system - Windows

Do you know what a HTTP 400 code means? When you are looking at your server logs, you may see codes like 400, 403, 404 and 410? What does it mean? You should have a strong desire to know all its meanings. This article can tell you most common codes returned by the server.

Client Error 4xx:
Means the request may be wrong, prevent the server from processing. Details showed following:

400: Server does not understand the syntax of the request.

403: Server rejected the request.

404: Server...

Operating system - Windows

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