Tags:Windows TipsWindows XpHow to run the screensaver by click a program in Windows?

Monitor technology has improved over the years, and screen savers have become more a form of entertainment than a way to avoid burn-in. But how to instantly activate a screen saver under windows? This will help you quickly make your monitor to be protected from the time when you leaving.

Screen savers can be used to display your favorite photos or other images you'd like to see. Sometimes you might want...

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Tags:Windows TipsWindows XpHow to delete the Windows Messenger under Windows XP?

Q: When I want to remove the windows messenger, how could I do under windows xp?

A: Fire up the Windows Explorer and navigate your way to the %SYSTEMROOT% \ INF folder. What the heck is that thingy with the percentage signs? It's a variable. For most people, %SYSTEMROOT% is C:\Windows. For others, it may be E:\WinXP. Get it?

Okay, on with the hack! In the INF folder, open sysoc.inf (but not before making a...

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Tags:Windows TipsWindows XpHow to speed up the menu display in Windows XP?

As a computer operator, you may have noticed that in Microsoft Windows XP the submenu items in a menu group will have a delay when you click the parent munu. Also in the main menus the settings allows menu to fade into view when you open them. This visual effect is so smooth that you may never have noticed it; of course, this is under a condition that you do not have anything emergent to handle.

However, the effect...

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Tags:Windows TipsHow to use a Web graphic to be the desktop background picture?

We all know today's internet has many many good resources, such as many beautiful pictures. If you found a good picture and you like it very much, you can right-click it from the webbrowser and save it to your computer, and then set it to be your desktop backgroud. Well, today I will show you a way special, by which you need not to download the picture and make it your desktop backgroud also.

Let us see the...

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Tags:Windows TipsHow to set Windows so all the folders display in a same view?

Each folder in My Computer or My Documents can have its own view. That’s useful for folders like My Music or My Pictures, because you can look at your digital photos in Thumbnails or Filmstrip view, and see your song titles in Tiles view. But changing the view for every folder can be time-consuming. Yeah, it is really time-consuming, you have to click the button on the toolbar, or right-click the mouse and...

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Tags:Windows TipsHow to use a single-click to open a file or folder and run a program in Windows?

When you browse My Computer or My Documents, a single click lets you select a file or folder, but you have to double-click to open it. How to make it into a state of hyper link? Just like to browse the web pages, only single-click and open a file or folder, and run a program?

Well, if you'd rather single-click to open files and folders, you can change the setting on your mouse.

To change the...

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Tags:Keyboard ShortcutWin XpWindows TipsWindows XpHow to use the keyboard shortcut to control windows?

If you like to keep four or five windows open while you work (or play) on your computer, you'll appreciate knowing these keyboard shortcuts. You can quickly switch between your Web browser, e-mail, instant message windows, and other programs without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Action Shortcut


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Tags:Keyboard ShortcutWindows TipsWindows XpHow to use the keyboard shortcut to navigate menus in Windows XP?

You can speed up tasks in almost any program by choosing menu items using your keyboard instead of your mouse. This operation is particularly handy when you're performing repetitive tasks.

To control menus using your keyboard


With your program open, press the ALT key. Notice that one letter on each menu...

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Tags:Keyboard ShortcutsWin XpWindows XpHow to use keyboard shortcuts in Windows XP?

If you are a good typist, taking your hands away from the keyboard to move the mouse can use up a few seconds. Over the course of a full day, you could save several minutes by using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse.

You can use your keyboard instead of your mouse to do these three tasks:

• Start a program 
• Navigate menus 
• Minimize, maximize, and close windowsStart a program using a...

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