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The TObject Branch

The TObject branch includes all VCL and CLX objects that descend from TObject but not from TPersistent. Much of the powerful capability of VCL and CLX objects are established by the methods that TObject introduces. TObject encapsulates the fundamental behavior common to all objects in the VCL and CLX by introducing methods that provide: The ability to respond when objects are created or destroyed. Class type and instance information on an...

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The following diagram is a greatly simplified view of the inheritance hierarchy that illustrates the relationship between objects, components, and controls.

Objects, components, and controls

Every object inherits from TObject, and many objects inherit from TComponent. Controls inherit from TControl and have the ability to display themselves at runtime. A control like TCheckBox inherits all the functionality of TObject, TComponent
, and TControl...

Programming - Delphi

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Before the programming with Delphi or C++Builder, you may have heart the big name VCL and CLX. Yes, this is the key for you to understand in Delphi or C++Builder. Ok, now let us to see what they are.

What is the VCL or CLX? Understanding the class libraries in Delphi and C++Builder.

VCL and CLX are class libraries made up of objects that you use when developing applications. The libraries are similar to each other and contain many of the same objects. Some objects in...

Programming - Delphi

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If you want to program with Delphi/C++Builder, you must be familiar with its Integrated development environment. Well, this is an article introducing its environment.

When you start Delphi/C++Builder, you are immediately placed within the integrated development environment, also called the IDE. This IDE provides all the tools you need to design, develop, test, debug, and deploy applications, allowing rapid prototyping and a shorter development time.

Programming - Delphi

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These are 10 useful Windows XP tips by the computer experts. Hope it could help you much.

1. Reinstall Windows XP without re-activation.
If you need to reinstall Windows XP, usually you need to re-activate it. In fact, if you can backup the Wpa.dbl file under the Windows\System32 directory at the first time, you would need not to activate it by covering this file with the backup file.

2. How do I know whether my Windows XP has been activated?
From the "start" menu, "start" >...

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