This example illustrate how to use the GetFormImage() and Assign() functions. Create a new project in the C++Building enviroment. Drag an image, a button, and a shape component onto the form. Adding the following codes to the event handler. Run the program and clicks the button. The image of the form would be stored in the pImage variable and copied to the Clipboard. Then image of the form in clipboard would be copied back to the image component and showed, produce an...

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Well, recently I am writing a program to view the pictures just like the ACDSee program. I use a scrollbox to be the parent control of the images list. One function I need is that the user press the arrow keys, like the up, right, down and left key to change the current selected image from one to another. The following is my program's running interface.

My program's interface

Then one problem occured and it took me a long time to solve it. That is, when press the arrow key for the first...

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Sometimes we meet a procedure of function written by delphi, we want to convert the codes to a c++ form, or vice versa. So, we need to know the differences between delphi declaration and c++ declaration. This is a table of comparison between Delphi and C++Builder variables.

In Delphi Size/Values In C++/C++Builder Implementation ShortInt 8-bit integer signed char typedef...

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There is some problem with the server's hard disk. I copy the database backup file to a new position in the server. When I attach the database I got an error prompt of Microsoft Sql-DMO 823 errors. View Log as follows:

Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 5.

I know this may caused by the damage of a database file or hardware. I try the following steps to fix the database and got succes.

Assumes that the database name to be fixed is "mydb", then:

1. Run MS-Sql...

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This is a list of key codes C++Builder using. When needing these key codes, remenber to include the in your header.

Key codes provide a symbolic representation of user key presses.

Key codes allow you to represent keyboard values for non-alphanumeric keys.Qt defines special constants for each key the user can press. These constants can then be used to refer to the keystroke in an OnKeyUp or OnKeyDown event handler.

The following table lists the  key codes defined in the Qt...

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Project XXX.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with message 'Access violation at address 40A29D24. Read of address 00CB88C4'. Process stopped. Use Step or Run to continue. When you debug your codes, you receive such an error prompt.

About an error raise "Access violation at address 40A29D24. Read of address 00CB88C4" in delphi or C++Builder. This is a typical error message raise by the system when you running...

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What is ini file?

The ini file is very useful in case when you need to store some configuration and retrieve them back to you programs. An ini file could save the information group by a logic function, call it "section". In the section, all detail data could be saved as a format of "keyname=value". Keyname means the name of a specify thing you want to store while value, that is, the value of this thing.

Let us see an example of win.ini of windows 2k under the winnt...

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This example show you how to convert a specified icon to a bitmap. Easy way follow me. Create a new project in c++builder enviroment, put an Image, a Button and an OpenDialog control on the Form1. Rename the button1 ConvertIcon2Bitmap, then add the following codes as its OnClick event handler.

void __fastcall TForm1::ConvertIcon2BitmapClick(TObject *Sender)

  OpenDialog1->DefaultExt = ".ICO";
  OpenDialog1->Filter = "icons (*.ico)|*.ICO";

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When you need to connect to a remote sql server, you could register a remote server in your sql anterprise manager. On the console root, expand the Microsoft SQL Server, right click "SQL Server Group", select "Create New SQL Server Register", then on the prompt dialog click "next", input your remote server ip in the available server text box, then add it to the right servers list. Click "next" button to continue, select one way of identify to log on the SQL Server...

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