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The TControl Branch.

The TControl branch consists of components that descend from TControl but not TWinControl (TWidgetControl in CLX). Objects in this branch are controls that are visual objects that the application user can see and manipulate at runtime. All controls have properties, methods, and events in common that relate to how the control looks, such as its position, the cursor associated with the control's window (or widget in CLX), methods to paint...

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Several common file operations are built into the BaseCLX runtime library. The procedures and functions for working with files operate at a high level. For most routines, you specify the name of the file and the routine makes the necessary calls to the operating system for you. In some cases, you use file handles instead.

Caution: Although the Object Pascal language is not case sensitive, the Linux operating system is. Be attentive to case when working with files in...

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BaseCLX includes many classes that represents lists or collections of items. They vary depending on the types of items they contain, what operations they support, and whether they are persistent.

The following table lists various list classes, and indicates the types of items they contain:BaseCLX includes many classes that represents lists or collections of items. They vary depending on the types of items they contain...

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Streams are classes that let you read and write data. They provide a common interface for reading and writing to different media such as memory, strings, sockets, and BLOB fields in databases. There are several stream classes, which all descend from TStream. Each stream class is specific to one media type. For example, TMemoryStream reads from or writes to a memory image, TFileStream reads from or writes to a file.
The following topics describe the methods common to all...

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TFileStream is a class that enables applications to read from and write to a file on disk. It is used for high-level object representations of file streams. Because TFileStream is a stream object, it shares the common stream methods. You can use these methods to read from or write to the file, copy data to or from other stream classes, and read or write components values. See Using streams for details on the capabilities that files streams inherit by being...

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In Windows XP, have you met a case that a hidden file can not be opened? Here I would tell you the some ways of solutions by editing the Windows Registry. Before any operation to the registry, be sure to backup it before you begin.

1. Using some registry repairing software to repair.

2. Copy the following codes into the notepad, save the text as a reg file, then double-click the file and import it into Windows Registry.

Note: Be sure to back up the whole...

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If you want to remove the desktop, of course, we mean to remove the system default icons such as "My Computer", "My Documents", "My Network Places" and Internet Explorer icons. This article show you how to remove and restore these desktop icons in different Windows system.

Remove Desktop or Restore Desktop In Windows XP:

  1. Click "Start" > "Control Panel".

  2. Double click "Display", select the "Desktop" tab, then click "Customize...

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When you run your PHP program, or login your Joomla or WordPress based website or blog, suddenly an error page shows as one of the followings:

1. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /xxxxxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx/index.php:58) in /xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxx/index.php on line 283

2. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by ...xxxxxx...xxxxxx...xxxxxx...xxxxxx before or after the opening and closing PHP tags ("").


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1. Before saving the web page, press the "ESC" key would accelerate the process of saving.

2. Press the "Enter" key would send the message in MSN. If you just want to wrap, you could hold down the "Shift" or "Ctrl" key when press "Enter".

3. You can debug a short HTML code in the browser's address bar. As follows: type "about:Hi Pagehello, my simple html page", then press the "Enter" key, you would see the result.

4. Windows Shortcut Keys:

  "Alt + F4": Close the current...

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