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The TCanvas class encapsulates a Windows device context in the VCL and a paint device (Qt painter) in CLX. It handles all drawing for both forms, visual containers (such as panels) and the printer object (see Printing). Using the canvas object, you no longer have to worry about allocating pens, brushes, palettes, and so on--all the allocation and deallocation are handled for you.
TCanvas includes a large number of primitive graphics routines...

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Here is an example on How to use a class to manage conversions. This is a better way to get your conversions manageed and used easier.

You can always use conversion functions to register a conversion unit. There are times, however, when this requires you to create an unnecessarily large number of functions that all do essentially the same thing.
If you can write a set of conversion functions that differ only in the value...

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This article show you How to use a conversion function in C++Builder.

For cases when the conversion is more complex, you can use a different syntax to specify a function to perform the conversion instead of using a conversion factor. For example, you can't convert temperature values using a conversion factor, because different temperature scales have a different origins.
This example, which is translated from the...

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Here will show you How to creating a simple conversion family and adding units in C++Builder.

One example of when you could create a new conversion family and add new measurement types might be when performing conversions between long periods of time (such as months to centuries) where a loss of precision can occur.
To explain this further, the cbTime family uses a day as its base unit. The base unit is the one that is used when...

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Convert Functions.

Converts a measurement from one set of units to another.

Unit: ConvUtils

Category: measurement conversion routines extern PACKAGE double __fastcall Convert(const double AValue, const TConvType AFrom, const TConvType ATo); extern PACKAGE double __fastcall Convert(const double AValue, const TConvType AFrom1, const TConvType AFrom2, const TConvType ATo1, const TConvType ATo2);


Call Convert to convert the value AValue from one set of...

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The ConvUtils unit declares a general-purpose Convert function that you can use to convert a measurement from one set of units to another. You can perform conversions between compatible units of measurement such as feet and inches or days and weeks. Units that measure the same types of things are said to be in the same conversion family. The units you're converting must be in the same conversion family. For information on doing conversions, see Performing...

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This article will tell you how to manipulate the printer to print in C++Builder program and will also give you an example program of printing codes.

Technically speaking, the TPrinter class does not belong to BaseCLX because there are two separate versions, one for the VCL (in the Printers unit) and one for CLX (in the QPrinters unit). The VCL TPrinter object encapsulates details of Windows printers. The CLX TPrinter object is a paint device that paints on a...

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The BaseCLX runtime library provides many specialized string-handling routines specific to a string type. These are routines for wide strings, AnsiStrings, and null-terminated strings (char *). Routines that deal with null-terminated strings use the null-termination to determine the length of the string. The following topics provide an overview of many of the string-handling routines in the runtime library: Wide character routines  Commonly used routines for...

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Operations commonly performed on string lists include: Counting the strings in a list Accessing a particular string Finding the position of a string in the list Iterating through strings in a list Adding a string to a list Moving a string within a list Deleting a string from a list Copying a complete string list

Counting the strings in a list

The Strings array property contains the strings in the list, referenced by a zero-based...

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