Programming Delphi What Kinds of Applications Could Delphi and C++Builder Build?

The main use of C++Builder is designing and building the following types of applications:

GUI applications generally have an easy-to-use interface. Console applications run from a console window. Service applications are run as Windows services. These types of applications compile as executables with start-up code.
You can create other types of projects such as packages and DLLs that result in creating packages or dynamically linkable libraries. These applications produce executable code without start-up code. Refer to Creating packages and DLLs.

GUI applications

A graphical user interface (GUI) application is one that is designed using graphical features such as windows, menus, dialog boxes, and features that make the application easy to use. When you compile a GUI application, an executable file with start-up code is created. The executable usually provides the basic functionality of your program, and simple programs often consist of only an executable file. You can extend the application by calling DLLs, packages, and other support files from the executable.

C++Builder offers two application UI models:

  • Single document interface (SDI)
  • Multiple document interface (MDI)

In addition to the implementation model of your applications, the design-time behavior of your project and the runtime behavior of your application can be manipulated by setting project options in the IDE.

Console applications

Console applications are 32-bit programs that run without a graphical interface, usually in a console window. These applications typically don抰 require much user input and perform a limited set of functions.
To create a new console application:

1 Choose File|New|Other and double-click Console Wizard~!AL(hc_cwmain,1,TopicNotFound,main)JMP~> from the New Items dialog box.
2 In the Console Wizard dialog box, check the Console Application option, choose the source type (C or C++) for the main module of the project, or specify a pre-existing file that contains a main or winmain function, and click the OK button.

C++Builder then creates a project file for this type of source file and displays the Code editor.

Using the VCL and CLX in console applications

Note: When you create a new console application, the IDE does not create a new form. Only the Code editor appears.

You can, however, use VCL and CLX objects in console applications. To do this, in the Console Wizard you must indicate that you will be using the VCL or CLX (check the Use VCL or Use CLX option). If you do not indicate in the wizard that you want to use the VCL or CLX, you will not be able use any of the VCL or CLX classes in this application later. Trying to do so will cause linker errors.
Console applications should handle all exceptions to prevent windows from displaying a dialog during its execution.

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