Programming Delphi [Linker Fatal Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'XXXXXX.LIB' in Delphi or C++Builder Solution

When you build a project, you may get an linking error message similar to above. When get this message, you first to check if your SUIPACK_BCB.LIB have been properly installed. If it did not, reinstall it in the correct position, then the problem would be solved.

Sometimes you did not use this "XXX.LIB" at all, while you still get such an linking error message, why? Now, search the "XXX.LIB" (in this article it was SUIPACK_BCB.LIB) that was included in your unit, then delete it from the header where it was referenced and rebuild the project.

In most of the cases, you can still get the error linking message. Why? What is the problem? Some articles tell you to delete all the .obj files under the project and rebuild it. Yet it may still does not work.

The way to solve this problem is very easy. Close your project, then use the Notepad to open the "Your Project name.bpr" file, you will find this is a standard xml file, search the XXX.LIB in the text and delete the reference, and save the file. Now re-open the project with Delphi or C++Builder and rebuild it, you would find everything is OK.

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