Programming Delphi How to Set IDE, Project, and Compilation Options and Use the Programming Templates in Delphhi or C++Builder

Setting IDE, project, and compilation options

Choose Project|Options to specify various options for your project.

Setting default project options

To change the default options that apply to all future projects, set the options in the Project Options dialog box and check the Default box at the bottom right of the window. All new projects will use the current options selected by default.

Programming templates

Programming templates are commonly used skeleton structures that you can add to your source code and then fill in. Some standard code templates such as those for array, class, and function declarations, and many statements, are included with C++Builder.
You can also write your own templates for coding structures that you often use. For example, if you want to use a for loop in your code, you could insert the following template:

for(; ;)

To insert a code template in the Code editor, press Ctrl-j and select the template you want to use. You can also add your own templates to this collection. To add a template:

1. Choose Tools|Editor Options.
2. Click the Code Insight tab.
3. In the Templates section, click Add.
4. Type a name for the template after Shortcut name, enter a brief description of the new template, and click OK.
5. Add the template code to the Code text box.
6. Click OK.

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