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When develop delphi programs, especially the database programs, you have tested the running on your machine and found they works very well. While when you distribute them to the client, you may always found an error of "Error loading type library/DLL". Why? In fact, this is caused by the missing dll files on the client's machine. Since you have installed delphi's develop enviroment on your computer, all the dll files needed have exists in your machine, the programs runs well on your computer of course.

Delphi has a powerful database application development capabilities. Its enterprise version can develop stand-alone database application system, common Client/Sever applications up to multi-tier Web-based applications, the Borland Database Engine (BDE) takes an very important role. However, when distribute a database application, you must also distribute a large BDE files. Borland recommends that users create install programs by using Delphi  InstallShield. But how to choose BDE file to make their procedures more refined? Here is a table description.

Basic dll files needed
Idapi32.dll BDE basic library
Blw32.dll Language-driven library
Idr20009.dll Error Information Base
Fareast.bll Far Eastern languages Driver
Usa.bll American Speech-Language Driver
The following files could be an optional as your needed
Database or component your used Dll files should be distributed
Paradox Idpdx32.dll
Dbase Iddbas32.dll
Access Iddao32.dll
Ascii Idasci32.dll
TBatchMove Idbat32.dll
Data Repostitory Iddr32.dll
ODBC Idodbc32.dll
BDE DataSet Provider DLL Idprov32.dll
SQL queries Idsql32.dll

Here we take an example to use InstallShield to create a Paradox database application system's installation programs:
  1. Start a program to set the file directory path, enter the Setup Check list.
  2. In the "Set the Visual Design" option, setting the programs name, programs directory, and the installation program's main window, etc..
  3. In the "Specify Components and Files Setting Groups and Files" option, setting the "Groups and Files". In the Program Files, adding the user's programs files and database tables documents as well as the following documents: Idbat32.dll, Usa.btl, Idapi.cfg, Charset.cvb, Bantam.dll, BLW32.dll, Idapi32.dll, Fareast.btl, Idpdx32.dll, Idr20009.dll, Idsql32.dll. Note that all above documents must contain a directory path.
  4. In "Dialog Boxes" setting the required installation dialog;
  5. In "Make Registry Changes" setting the Keys. In "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", adding "software\borland\blw32" and "software\borland\database engine", and in "blw32" adding "Blapipath 'the above file directory'", "LOCALE_LIB0 'the above file directory' \Fareast.bll" and "LOCALE_LIB1 'the above file directory' \Usa.bll". In the "database engine" option, adding "Dllpath 'the above file directory'", "Configfile01 'the above file directory' \Idapi.cfg".
  6. In "Specify Folder and Icons" option setting the correct value as your need.
  7. In "Run Disk Builder installation disk" option setting the relevant information of your installation programs;
  8. At last, click Test the Installation and Create Distribution Media to complete the installation process.

Note: When you are writing a midas(multi-tier) programs, you should include the midas.dll and distribute it to the client's system directory.

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