Programming Delphi Base VCL and CLX Categories in Delphi and C++Builder

The base VCL and CLX in Delphi means the base classes which are invisible. Some of these are very important, you will always meet them and use them when you programming in the future.

There are a number of units that are common to both the VCL and CLX that provide the underlying support for both component libraries. Collectively, these units are called BaseCLX. BaseCLX does not include any of the components that appear on the component palette. Rather, it includes a number of classes and global routines that are used by the components that do appear on the component palette. These classes and routines are also available for you to use in application code or when you are writing your own classes.

Note: The global routines that make up BaseCLX are often called the runtime library. Do not confuse these routines with the C++ runtime library. Many of these perform functions similar to those in the C++ runtime library, but can be distinguished because the function names begin with a capital letter and they are declared in the header of a unit.

The following topics discuss many of the classes and routines that make up BaseCLX and illustrate how to use them:

Note: This list of tasks is not exhaustive. The runtime library in BaseCLX contains many routines to perform tasks that are not mentioned here. These include a host of mathematical functions (defined in the Math unit), routines for working with date/time values (defined in the SysUtils and DateUtils units), and routines for working with Object Pascal Variants (defined in the Variants unit).

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