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41 How to Use TToolbar Component to Create a Standard Windows Toolbar? Shine Rosent
42 Use Toolbars and Cool Bars to Design Standard Windows User Interface Shine Rosent
43 How to Import Resource Files Built By Other Applications? Shine Rosent
44 Use Menu Property to Specify a Component's Active Menu and GroupIndex to Determine the Oder of Merged Items Shine Rosent
45 How to Manipulate Menu Items at Runtime and Merge Menus? Shine Rosent
46 How to Switch Between Menus and Name Conventions for Template Menu Items? Shine Rosent
47 How to Use Menu Templates and Save a Menu as a Template? Shine Rosent
48 How to Edit Menu Items and Use the Menu Designer context Menu? Shine Rosent
49 How to Create SubMenus and Add Images to Menu Items? Shine Rosent
50 How to Build Menus in Delphi or C Builder? Shine Rosent
51 Use the Menu Designer to Create Menu Shine Rosent
52 How to Write Action Components and Register Action Components? Shine Rosent
53 What is the Predefined Action Classes and Predefined Action Classes List in C Builder? Shine Rosent
54 How Actions Works and How to Use the Actions? Shine Rosent
55 How to Use Action Lists--Set Up Action List, Hide Unused Items and Categories in Action Bands Shine Rosent
56 How to Add Icons to Menus and Create Toolbars and Menus that Users Can Customize? Shine Rosent
57 How to Create Toolbars and Menus and Add Color, Patterns, or Pictures to the Menus, Buttons, and Toolbars? Shine Rosent
58 What is an Action and How to Set up Action Bands in C Builder? Shine Rosent
59 What is the Actions for Toolbars and Menus in C Builder? Shine Rosent
60 How to Use Open and Save Dialog Boxes in C Builder Shine Rosent

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