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How to use Help and hint properties in C Builder or Delphi?

The Hint property contains the text string that appears when the user moves the mouse pointer over a control or menu item. To enable hints, set ShowHint to true; setting ParentShowHint to true causes the control's ShowHint property to have the same value as its parent's.

So when you design an user interface and you want it contains the hint function, do the following:

  1. Put the components on the form and set the ShowHint property to true in the design panel.
  2. Input the text of strings in the Hint property which you want the users could see when they put their mouse on it. 

Remember the first step is very important, or it will not work! Because the default value of the ShowHint property has been set to false.

Most visual controls can display context-sensitive Help as well as fly-by hints at runtime. The HelpContext and HelpFile properties establish a Help context number and Help file for the control.

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