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I wrote a multi-tier(Midas) programs. On the client I use the SocketConnection connect to the server. I run my programs in my computer which has C++Builder installed, everything is ok, it connect to the server is very well. While when I distribute it to other client machine, it always shows "Error loading type library / DLL" error. What is the problem?

Answers and solution:
You have to copy the file midas.dll which could be found under your system's directory to the client machine's system directory. On windows 95/98, it is windows/system, on windows NT/2000/2003, it is winnt/system32 directory

Also you might have to note that what kind of database engine you are using. Pick different of dll files to distribute to your client according to the different database engine you used in your programs. The following table list could be your refference.


dll files
Idapi32.dll BDE basic library
Blw32.dll Language-driven library
Idr20009.dll Error Information Base
Fareast.bll Far Eastern languages Driver
Usa.bll American Speech-Language Driver
The following as needed optional
Database or component your used Dll files your should distribute
Paradox Idpdx32.dll
Dbase Iddbas32.dll
Access Iddao32.dll
Ascii Idasci32.dll
TBatchMove Idbat32.dll
Data Repostitory Iddr32.dll
ODBC Idodbc32.dll
BDE DataSet Provider DLL Idprov32.dll
SQL queries Idsql32.dll

Well, have goodluck!

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