Programming C++Builder Access Violation at address XXXXXX in module coreide60.bpl when start up Delphi or C++Builder


Getting the error "Access Violation at address XXXXXX in module coreide60.bpl" when start up Delphi or C++Builder.


The exact cause for this is not currently known. It seems to happen sometimes with a new installation of Delphi on Windows XP.
Possible solutions:

   Reset the user registry settings by running the utility D6RegClean.exe which is located in the Delphi bin directory.

   Reinstall Delphi, running the utility above after uninstalling (it is also located on the CD).

   It is possible that the problem is linked to setting options in Delphi, such as the desktop preferences, before first running a project for the first time.

It is important to note that the registry settings for each user are set the first time Delphi is run, so be sure to run Delphi once after installing, before installing any 3rd party components.

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