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1 Access Violation at address XXXXXX in module coreide60.bpl when start up Delphi or C++Builder bcb
2 TIdHTTP.ResponseText and TIdHTTP.ResponseCode meanings in idHTTP Component in Delphi or C Builder Shine
3 How to wait for other threads in multi-threaded applications? Rose
4 How to avoid simultaneous access in multi-threaded applications? Rose
5 How to use the main VCL/CLX thread and thread-local variables? Administrator
6 How to write multi-threaded applications in CBuilder--Initializing the thread Rose
7 How to write multi-threaded applications in CBuilder--define the thread objects Rose
8 Examples on how to add silent videos and audios to your program? Rose
9 How to work with multimedia--add video or audio in your CBuilder or Delphi program? Administrator
10 Track the mouse movement and refine the drawings in your program Rose
11 How to track the mouse actions on a form? add a field to track it Rose
12 How to respond to the mouse event when using canvas to draw graphics in CBuilder? Rose
13 How to make a 'rubber banding' effect to the Graphics in CBuilder? Rose
14 How to use the clipboard with graphics--copy, cut, paste graphics with the clipboard Administrator
15 How to load and save and replace graphics files in CBuilder? Rose
16 How to Set the Initial Bitmap Size and Draw on the Bitmap? Rose
17 How to Draw Graphics and Make them Scrollable by Using the Graphic Controls in CBuilder? Rose
18 How to Use Drawing Tools and Share Codes Among Event Handlers in CBuilder? Rose
19 How to Handle Multiple Drawing Objects in CBuilder? Administrator
20 How to Use Canvas to Draw Graphic Objects such as Lines, Polylines, Shapes, Rectangles, and Polygons in CBuilder? Rose

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